Survey Methods


All members were surveyed by the Club’s President and asked what they liked about the club and what they would like to see changed.


Survey Results and Board Action


1.  Increase dance time allotted to Plus

End class session promptly at 8 with announcements and first Plus tip immediately following without a break.  Shorten break time.


2.  Improve Plus dancing

As soon as the current class completes Mainstream, encourage members desiring Plus review to come and angel during Plus class time.  Once the current class completes Plus, set aside some time on consecutive Wednesdays for Plus review.


3.  Offer Plus DBD

Possibly work in after current class graduates and Plus review for all members is completed.


4.  Assist solo dancers in finding partners

Encourage men without partners to rotate among women without partners, encourage unpartnered women who can dance beau to do so when unpartnered women who can only dance belle are without partners, and encourage unpartnered women who are interested to learn the beau position with the next class.  Experiment with a solo dancer rotation.


5.  Improve party night (last Wednesdays of each month)

Have one longer break for refreshments.  Experiment with a fun tip like no-hands, all boy/all girl squares, Siamese square dancing, etc.  Feature open mike (anyone can call) on fifth Wednesdays.


6.  Occasionally schedule styling/etiquette workshops

Include how to form lines quickly when squares break down, importance of long sleeves for men, use scents sparingly, how men should guide women on promenades, gliding steps vs. hopping, how to twirl, hand positions (right up, left down; no thumb holds in waves), when and when not to embellish, and how women should indicate to their partners that they do not wish to be twirled.


7.  Encourage members to attend hoedowns

During announcements, President will highlight a hoedown or two each month as well as including them in Club’s monthly newsletter.