Eric Henerlau
Class Teacher
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Tam Twirlers
New Dancers Program
Fall 2017

September 27

Circle Left and Circle Right
Allemande Left
Right and Left Grand
Single File Promenade
Pass Thru
Courtesy Turn
Star Left and Star Right
Arm Turns
Two Ladies Chain
Four Ladies Chain
Grand Square

October 4

Lead Right and Lead Left
Veer Left and Veer Right
California Twirl
Couples Circulate
Boys/Girls Circulate
Bend the Line
Right and Left Thru
Star Promenade
Weave the Ring
Wheel Around

October 11

U-Turn Back
Ladies In, Men Sashay
Star Thru
Split Two
Separate Around n to a Line
Separate Around n and Come Into the Middle
Four Ladies Promenade
Four Men Promenade

October 18

Walk Around the Corner
See Saw
Allemande Thar
Slip the Clutch
Dive Thru

October 25

Box the Gnat
Half Sashay
Wrong Way Grand
Square Thru

November 1

Circle to a Line
Couples Trade

November 8

Partner Trade
Named Dancers Trade
Wheel and Deal from Two-Faced Lines

November 15

Allemande Left Alamo Style
Swing Thru
Step to a Wave

November 22

** DARK **

November 29


December 6

Pass the Ocean
Allemande Left to an Allemande Thar
Shoot the Star

December 13

Reverse Flutterwheel
Sweep a Quarter

December 20

Wheel and Deal from Lines Facing Out
Double Pass Thru
First Couple Go Left/Right, Next Couple Go Left/Right

December 27

** DARK **

January 3

Review and Dance!