Magic Column Formation/Concept

A Magic Column consists of the ends of one column and the centers of the other column. The dancers act as though they were in a column together, beginning and ending on those four spots.

Do the call as usual, but if you move from end to center or center to end, follow the Magic Column Circulate path. Note that a single magic column is neither right- nor left-handed. You must follow the Magic traffic pattern, and perform any action using the hand appropriate to your position at that point in the call.

Magic Column Circulate

From magic columns: Each dancer moves forward along one of the two circulate paths shown below:

If an end and a center are facing each other, they pass using the end's inside shoulder (the center dancer moves first). This takes the place of the right-shoulder rule. So Magic Column Circulate 1½ would end like so:

Teaching Hint: You can point out that the ends are holding opposite hands from the centers--e.g., the ends have right hands joined, and the centers have left hands joined.

If you leave the circulate path (e.g., in Magic Column Transfer, shown below), just finish the call as usual. In this example, the ending wave is left-handed because the centers have lefts before the final Extend:

In the case of Magic Column Walk and Dodge, the rules are the same: Those who are doing the Walk follow the circulate path, and those doing the Dodge (and thus leaving the circulate path) just slide sideways as usual:

Note: Magic column calls are only permitted where complete magic columns exist. It would be improper, for example, to call "Magic Walk and Dodge" from an inverted box in isolation.

Note: At C-1 this concept is restricted to right or left-hand Magic Columns only.