Triple Box/Column/Line/Wave Concept

This concept establishes three groups of 4 dancers each; the dancers in each group are in either a box, column, line, or wave. Since there are 12 spots and only 8 actual dancers, 4 of the spots will be vacant (occupied by phantom dancers). Calls are executed by working with your group of 4. Examples of the spots and who works with whom:

Common Triple Box calls are Circulate, Counter Rotate, Right and Left Thru, Scoot Back, Shakedown, Touch 1/4, Walk & Dodge, and Wheel Thru. Common Triple Wave/Line/Column calls are Swing Thru, Mix, Switch the Wave, Pass and Roll, Touch 1/4, and Dixie Style to a Wave.

When using this concept to execute a call, the "set" is the group of four dancers. Dancers execute all calls as if only these four dancers are on the floor. For example, in Triple Box Pass In, dancers Pass Thru and then turn to face the center of their Triple Box.