Delight / Dilemma

Delight / Dilemma

Parts for Centers: 4

From a 3/4 Tag or other applicable formations: Outsides 1/4 Right (if Delight) or 1/4 Left (if Dilemma) and Circulate twice as the Centers (stepping to a wave if necessary) Swing, Slip, Slip, and Cast Off 3/4. Usually ends in Parallel Lines.

<tag>er's Delight / Dilemma

Starting position depends on the <tag> action. Do the <tag> action to the 3/4 Tag position, then Delight or Dilemma.

Note: Other calls in which all the dancers simply move forward to create a 3/4 Tag formation, even though they are not generally considered tagging calls, are sometimes combined with Delight/Dilemma in the same way, e.g. from a 1/4 Tag "Jay Walker’s Delight" or from Parallel Waves "Extender’s Dilemma".