Taminations Sequencer

Be sure to read the Important Instructions!

Creating a Sequence

Enter your calls in the white text box, one per line. Capitalization and punctuation are not important.

You can use any call that has an animation for the current formation. In addition, some simple calls, such as trade, run, and turn back, are programmed. It also understands identifiers such as boys/girls, leaders/trailers, centers/ends. So you can enter "boys trade" and "leaders turn back".

However, there are still many valid calls you will not be able to do because the sequencer does not have an animation or program to perform them. If in doubt, go ahead and try a call. If the sequencer is unable to find or perform the call you will get an appropriate message.

You can add comments starting with a an asterisk(*) or hash(#). Anything from that point to the end of the line is ignored.

Copy and Paste

You can move sequences back and forth to a text editor with copy and paste commands. The current sequence is always "selected", use the keyboard to copy it. Likewise, use the keyboard to paste, no need to click anywhere.


Feel free to send me any feedback, including strange behavior, or calls you would like to see implemented, or other features that would be useful.

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