The modifier "Left" applies to calls and interchanges right with left and, if also applicable, belle with beau (and also clockwise and counterclockwise). Left should only be used to modify calls where a right hand turn or shoulder pass is clearly part of the definition. The Left modifier is usually used with calls that start with one of the following:

  1. Right Pull By (e.g. Left Square Chain Thru, Left Split Square Thru)
  2. Pass Thru or passing action (e.g. Left Dosado, Left Pass and Roll, Left Track II, Left Wheel and Deal from a One-Faced Line)
  3. Tag The Line (e.g. Left 3/4 Tag, Left Turn and Deal)
  4. Right Arm Turn (e.g. Left Swing Thru, Left Turn Thru)
  5. Turn [a fraction] by the Right (e.g. Left 1/4 Thru, Left Remake)
  6. Touch (e.g. Left Touch 1/4, Left Spin the Windmill)