From a right hand mini-wave box, or a left-hand facing diamond: Those who can Turn ¼ by the Right, those who can Turn ½ by the Left, and those who can Turn ¾ by the Right.

For each part of the call, there must be a dancer performing this part and the immediately preceding or following one. For example, the call is not proper from an Inverted Box.

The left-hand version of Remake is called "Left Remake".

The name of the formation may be added at the end of the call (e.g., Remake The Wave) as a help to the dancers but doing so is optional.

If there are two side-by-side formations, each of which can do the call, dancers don't move from one to the other. From right-hand columns, for example, each of the two box circulate formations does the call independently.

The exception to the remake rules is "Remake The Thar".

Timing: Alamo 12, others 10