Walk Around the Corner

Starting formations Squared Set, Infacing Circle Of 8
Command examples

Walk Around the Corner

Walk All Around Your Corner

4 Ladies Chain; Circle Left; Walk Around New Corner

All Around the Left Hand Lady

Walk All Around the Left Hand Lady; See Saw the Pretty Little Taw

Dance action Dancers face their corners. Walking forward and around each other while keeping right shoulders adjacent, dancers return to their original position, with their backs toward their corner.
Ending formation Right and Left Grand Circle
StylingMen hold arms in natural dance position. Women use both hands on skirt, moving skirt forward and back to avoid opposite dancer. Dancers should maintain eye contact over their shoulders until their partners become visible.
CommentSquare dancing is evolving towards a preference for "Walk Around the Corner" instead of "All Around The Left-Hand Lady", which requires the women to mentally translate the command to "All Around The Right-Hand Man".
Teaching Tip Dancers can pretend they have Velcro on their right shoulder.