See Saw

Starting formation Right and Left Grand Circle
Command examples

Walk Around the Corner; See Saw Your Partner

Walk All Around the Left Hand Lady; See Saw the Pretty Little Taw

Dance action Facing dancers walk forward and around each other keeping left shoulders adjacent. They return to their original position, facing away from each other.
Ending formationRight and Left Grand Circle
StylingSimilar to Walk Around the Corner

See Saw is almost always preceded by Walk Around the Corner (#26). Other applications may require workshopping. From a Circle or Squared Set, dancers begin by facing the designated dancer.

Formerly See Saw, when not used after All Around the Corner, had the dance action of a Left Dosado. Today callers should say Left Dosado.

"Taw" is an old term for a man’s partner. Its use with See Saw dates back to a time when certain calls were directed primarily toward the men. See the comment for Walk Around The Corner (#26).

Teaching Tip Dancers can pretend they have Velcro on their left shoulder.