Square Thru (1,2,3,4) / Left Square Thru (1,2,3,4)

Starting formation Facing Couples
Command examples

Square Thru 4

Square Thru 2

Left Square Thru 3

Dance action

Square Thru (1,2,3,4) is defined here; for Left Square Thru (1,2,3,4) see the comments below.

In what follows, "Face partner" means to make a 90-degree turn in place to face one’s current partner. Complete as many of these actions as appropriate:

Ending formationCouples back-to-back
Ending formation Back-to-Back Couples

Square Thru 1: 2
Square Thru 2: 5
Square Thru 3: 7 or 8
Square Thru 4: 10


From Squared Set, 4 people full: 10 steps; three quarters, 8; one half, 6; one quarter, 4

From Box: 4 people full: 8 steps; three quarters, 6; one half, 4; one quarter, 2.


With the Pull By the hands are released as each dancer passes each other so as to avoid guiding one another to turn the wrong way.

As in Right and Left Grand, dancers should make their opposite hand available for their next Pull By (or the next call). On each Pull By, as dancers pass they should be facing Head or Side walls (unlike Right And Left Grand, which blends into a circle).

Styling Styling should be similar to that in Right and Left Grand. Corners should be rounded off rather than pulling through and doing a square military turn.

Left Square Thru (1,2,3,4) is similar to Square Thru (1,2,3,4) except that it is started with the left hand and hands are alternating thereafter; the word "Left" is required. E.g., Heads Lead Right, Circle To A Line, Left Square Thru 4, Left Allemande.

The Ocean Wave Rule applies to this call.

The movement can be continued beyond 4 hands (e.g., Square Thru 5).

There are some alternative ways in which Square Thru can be called:

An extended application of Square Thru is "Square Thru, on the Third (or other) Hand..." where the Pull By action on the specified hand blends into the following call. For example:

Unless the caller specifies, the call "Square Thru, on the Third (or other) Hand" does not have a clear ending formation. Some believe it ends in facing couples, others in a wave. For this reason, the call that follows must be proper and have the same effect from both these formations; that is, the Facing Couple Rule or Ocean Wave Rule must apply. Historically Touch 1/4 and Left Touch 1/4 are exceptions that are considered proper, with the Pull By blending into the Touch:

The extended application Square Thru 1 1/2 (or 2 1/2, etc.) includes half of the next Pull By and ends in an Ocean Wave. Dancers are not expected to know this variation, so it should only be used following an appropriate workshop.

Teaching Tip Dancers must release hands as they pass each other. Consider using a same-sex arrangement the very first time this call is taught. This can completely eliminate the problem of dancers wanting to do a Courtesy Turn after the second hand (as in Right and Left Thru).

Square Thru (1,2,3,4)

Dance action

Facing dancers join right hands and pull by. Turn in one quarter (90°), join left hands and pull by. (A half Square Thru has been completed.) Turn in one quarter (90°) and join right hands with facing dancer and pull by. (A three quarter Square Thru has been completed.) Turn in one quarter (90°), join left hands and pull by, but do not turn. (A full Square Thru has been completed.)

Variations of Square Thru may be specified by fractions or by the number of hands, e.g. Square Thru 3/4 is the same as Square Thru three hands, etc.

Left Square Thru (1,2,3,4)

Dance action Similar to Square Thru except that it is started with the left hand and hands are alternated accordingly. When a Left Square Thru is required, "Left Square Thru" must be directed.