Box the Gnat

Starting formations Facing Dancers, one man and one woman
Starting formations Facing Dancers (man and lady only).
Command examples

Box The Gnat

Tag The Line, Face In; Box The Gnat; Right And Left Thru

Right And Left Grand; Box The Gnat; Wrong Way Grand

Right And Left Grand; Box The Gnat; Pull By; Left Allemande

Box The Gnat, Change Hands; Allemande Left

Heads Slide Thru and Box The Gnat; All Double Pass Thru

Swing thru, Box the Gnat, Right and Left Thru

Dance action

Dancers join and raise their right hands to make an arch; these hands remain connected throughout the call. In one smooth motion dancers Pass Thru and turn around:

At the end of the call, each dancer will be standing in the other’s original position and they will again be facing.

Dance action Dancers step forward, join and then raise their right hands. The lady steps forward and does a left-face U-Turn Back under the raised joined hands, as the man walks forward and around the lady while doing a right-face U-Turn Back. Each dancer ends in the other’s starting position.
Ending formationFacing Dancers
Ending formation Facing Dancers with right hands joined in a handshake position.
Timing4 steps from point of contact.
Styling The initial handhold in this call is like a handshake but less connected than palm-to-palm. Throughout the call the dancers smoothly adjust this connection so that they end with the same handhold. Hands should slide over one another easily while still providing some degree of security and stabilization.
Styling Start with a handshake position. The joined fingers must be held so that the man's fingers may turn over the lady's fingers easily while still providing some degree of security or stabilization.

The right hands are still joined at the completion of the action, and often the next call will begin with the joined right hands.

The Ocean Wave Rule applies to this call. From a Mini-Wave, dancers smoothly adjust handholds into the one described above. Depending on the handhold used in waves (which can vary regionally), this may require dancers initially to back up slightly.

Teaching Tip Action begins with a very slight pull, release the tension and reconnect at the end.