Facing Couples Rule

A few specific calls that are defined to start from an Ocean Wave are also proper starting from Facing Couples. Examples include Swing Thru and Spin The Top. In these cases, the dancers first step into a momentary Right-Hand Ocean Wave and complete the call.

If the caller directs a left hand call (e.g., Left Swing Thru), the dancers first step into a momentary Left-Hand Ocean Wave.

If the Facing Couples rule is applicable, the call's definition will have a comment to that effect. If there is no such comment, then the Facing Couples rule may not be used.

While the rule is called the Facing Couples Rule, it is generalized to include Facing Dancers stepping to a Right- Hand Mini-Wave and Facing Lines step to a Right-Hand Tidal Wave, etc.

The following types of mixed Mini-Wave and Facing Dancer starting formations, while unusual, are also proper:

Timing Application of the Facing Couple Rule does not change the timing of the call.