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Starting formation Facing Couples
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Reverse Flutterwheel

Reverse The Flutter

Dance action

The right-side dancers leave their current partner and Right Arm Turn with each other a full turn, each ending where they started. Halfway through this motion, they take a couple handhold with the other dancer (i.e., the one they were originally facing directly), and the second half of the Arm Turn is completed with each new couple working as a unit.

For Reverse Flutterwheel, use the same dance action, except that the left-side dancers Left Arm Turn.

Ending formation Facing Couples

Each dancer who is on the outside blends smoothly into a new couple by turning slightly to become adjacent to the approaching dancer and reaching out to create a couple handhold. Some dancers begin moving forward beforehand contact is made and then walk slightly ahead of their new partner so that the overall motion is smoother.

When the outside dancers are women, they may use skirt work with their free hand.


In the call Ladies Lead, Flutterwheel, the extra words do not change the dance action and are intended to be helpful. However, in some areas they may cause confusion because dancers will anticipate Ladies Lead Dixie Style To A Wave.

From a Squared Set, for "All 4 Women Lead, Flutterwheel" or "Everyone Reverse The Flutter" see the section "Additional Detail: Extensions like Reverse Wheel Around".

Starting formationsFacing couples
Dance action

FLUTTERWHEEL: The right-hand dancers go in to the center and turn by the right forearm. As they move adjacent to the opposite dancer, they reach out with the free (left) hand and, taking the right hand of the opposite dancer, each continues on around to the original right hand dancer's starting position, releasing arms in the center and turning as a couple to face the couple they are working with.

REVERSE FLUTTERWHEEL: The same as flutterwheel except reverse the words "right" and "left".

Ending formationFacing Couples
Timing From a static square (SS), head or side ladies, 8 steps. All four ladies, 12 steps.
Styling Dancers turning in the center should remember the principle of the forearm turn. The dancer being picked up can enhance the movement by anticipating the approach of the opposite dancer and step beside that person, taking normal couple handhold. If girls are on the outside, skirt work with the free hand is desirable.
Teaching Tip The inactive dancers should be taught to begin moving as soon as the call is given and to join hands as soon as possible.