Wheel Around

Starting formation Couple
Command examples

Promenade, Keep Walking; Heads Wheel Around and make lines

Promenade, Keep Walking; Sides Wheel Around; Right and Left Thru

Promenade; All Wheel Around; Promenade, Wrong Way

Pass Thru; Wheel Around (from Facing Couples)

Heads Pass Thru and Wheel Around; those Ladies Chain

Pass Thru; Wheel and Deal; Centers Wheel Around

Heads Slide Thru and Square Thru 3; Left Touch 1/4; Walk and Dodge; Wheel Around

Sides Star Thru; Double Pass Thru; Centers In; Boys Wheel Around; Couples Circulate

Dance action The couple, working as a unit, turns around to the left (180 degrees). The left-side dancer backs up while the right-side dancer moves forward. The pivot point is the handhold between the two dancers.
Ending formation Couple
Timing 4
Styling Dancers use a couple handhold or maintain the handhold from the previous call (e.g., Promenade). They adjust the handhold as they finish Wheel Around if required by the next call.

When four couples are promenading and two couples Wheel Around, extra action is required. For example, in "Promenade, Keep Walking; Heads Wheel Around", the Sides stop promenading while the Heads Wheel Around, and all adjust to Facing Lines. Some callers teach that Sides stop promenading when facing Head or Side walls so that the final formation faces those walls squarely without further adjustment.

See "Preface: Ways Of Naming Dancers: Heads / Sides" for more details about naming dancers to Wheel Around from a promenade.

The variation of this call in which dancers turn in the other direction is called Reverse Wheel Around. See "Additional Detail: Commands: Extensions like Reverse Wheel Around".

Calling Tip Wheel Around can be easier and more successful for the dancers if the preceding call produces appropriate body flow.
Teaching Tip Wheel Around is like a Courtesy Turn without using the Courtesy Turn handhold.