Replace / But / Skip / Delete



  1. For some calls, the definition specifies a stopping point for some (or all) dancers when "But" is used. In this case those dancers replace the rest of their part of the call with the designated action. Calls which end with the centers casting off 3/4, while the ends do something else traditionally have the "But" mean for the centers to replace the final Cast Off 3/4 with the indicated call. Examples: "Tally Ho, But Explode the Wave", "Chain Reaction, But 2/3 Recycle".
  2. Used to obtain the dancers' attention. In this case it is followed by one of the other modifying terms. Example: "Pass the Axle, But skip the third part", "Motivate, But, Replace the star with a U-Turn Back".



Special note for Replace, Interrupt, But, Skip, and Delete: All of these modifiers may change each dancer's position in the formation or even change the formation itself. When the dancers resume their execution of the call, they must reevaluate their position in the formation and their new part in the definition. Examples: "Square Chain Thru, Interrupt before the last part with a Spin the Top" and "Swing the Fractions, Interrupt after each part with a Circulate".