Grand Mix / Grand Swing and Mix / Grand 1/4 (or 3/4) Mix

Parts: 2

Center pairs of dancers (3 pairs from an 8-dancer Tidal Line, 2 pairs from a 6-dancer Tidal Line) "Grand Cross Run" new Center pairs of dancers Trade. "Grand Cross Run" means that the dancers in each pair do a Run into a once-removed spot, on the far side of the other dancer in their own pair, as if they were the center pair of their own 4-person Line. Ends in a Tidal Line.

Teaching Notes From an 8-dancer line, the second part is simply Triple Trade. Some dancers find it easier to think about the first part as Center pairs trade (typically Triple Trade), and all Spread. So, when getting the correct part division is not an issue, from an eight-dancer line the call can be thought of as Triple Trade, all Spread, and Triple Trade. Note, however, that this will not give the correct rolling direction for the very ends.

Grand Swing and Mix

Parts: 3

From a Generalized Tidal Line: Swing, then do the parts of a Grand Mix. Ends in a Tidal Line.

Grand 1/4 (or 3 /4) Mix

Parts: 3

From a R-H Column, or other applicable formations: Those who can, Right Arm Turn 1/4 (or 3/4), then all do the parts of a Grand Mix. Ends in a Tidal Line.