Wrap To a <formation>

From Columns; <formation> will be some kind of Diamond, Galaxy, or Hourglass:

#1 dancer: 1/2 Split Circulate and Phantom <formation> Circulate 2.
#2 dancer: Circulate, 1/2 Split Circulate, and Phantom <formation> Circulate.
#3 dancer: Circulate 2 & 1/2.
#4 dancer: Circulate 3.

All adjust as necessary to end in the given formation.

That is, everyone does Column Circulates until they reach the front of the column, and then they do <formation> Circulates, for a total of 3 Circulates. When they reach the front of the column, they are the lead points for Twin Diamonds or an Hourglass, or the lead centers for a Galaxy or Point-to-Point Diamonds.

This call cannot be fractionalized.