How to Link to Animations

Please feel free to add links from your web site to any of these animations. You can always get to the introductory page by linking to which will redirect to the current location.

To link to a specific page of animations, just view the page and copy the address. Here is the animation for Swing Thru, which is at

You can also link to a specific animation. To do this, look at the highlighted text after selecting the animation. Concatenate all the text, removing spaces and any non-alphanumeric characters (That's anything except a letter or number). You don't need to match the case. Append a question mark and this text to the link, and it will show it when the page is loaded.

For example, to link to the third animation here, append ?SwingThrufromRightHandWaves to the Swing Thru link. You can even test it out on this page. Just go up to the address, type ?SwingThrufromRightHandWaves after howtolink.html, and press Return.