Troubleshooting Guide

Here's some hints if you're having problems viewing the animations.

Problem: There's no menus, and it says something's wrong with Javascript.
Solution: You need to turn on Javascript, which is a computer language built into the browser. Normally it's on, but for various reasons it might get turned off.

Problem: I can't get the menus to work, or other strange errors.
Solution: Try reloading the page. With Internet Explorer, that's View -> Refresh. If that doesn't work, try pressing Ctrl+F5. Finally, try flushing your browser's cache. For Internet Explorer, that's under Internet Options, then Delete under Browsing history. Then check Temporary Internet Files section and click on Delete.
For the new Microsoft "Edge" find the Settings by clicking on the three dots at the upper right. Under Clear browsing data click Choose what to clear, then make sure the box for Cached data and files is checked and click Clear. Also check any internet security software you have installed. Sometimes this software can misbehave and block some part of Taminations.

Problem: I'm using Internet Explorer 7 or 8 on Windows XP and it says it doesn't work.
Solution: Download and install one of these browsers: Firefox, Chrome, or Opera. All three of these work on all operating systems.

Problem: I want to run Taminations on my computer when it's not connected to the internet. I downloaded and unpacked, but am having problems viewing the animations. I can view them just fine over the internet.
Solution: Different browsers have different restrictions for loading local files:

  • Internet Explorer: You need to click on "Allow blocked content" when the alert appears.
  • Chrome: needs the command-line option "–allow-file-access-from-files". You can add this by right-clicking on the icon you use to run Chrome, select Properties, and add the option to the end of the Target.
  • Firefox: works
  • Safari: does not work