Pass to the Center

Starting formationEight Chain Thru
Starting formation Eight Chain Thru, Parallel Waves.
Command example Pass To The Center
Dance action Pass Thru. Those looking out of the square Partner Trade.
Dance action All dancers Pass Thru and the dancers now on the outside do a Partner Trade.
Ending formation Double Pass Thru
Timing Dancers who finish in the center: 2. Dancers who finish on the ends: 6.
Timing Dancers facing in: 2. Dancers facing out: 6.
Styling Same styling as Pass Thru and Partner Trade.

The Ocean Wave Rule applies to this call.

On the Pass Thru, some dancers should be coming into the center and other dancers should be heading towards the outside. This call is not proper from Facing Lines.

This call is not proper from Left-Hand Ocean Waves. See Pass Thru.

Calling Tip Usually the caller will give the new centers their next call immediately so that the outsides have time to finish their trade.