Slide Thru

Starting formation Facing Dancers
Command example

Slide Thru

Dance action In a single smooth motion, Pass Thru and Men Face Right, Women Face Left.
Dance action Pass Thru. Men Face Right 1/4 turn (90 degrees). Women Face Left 1/4 turn (90 degrees).
Ending formation If two men, Right-Hand Mini-Wave; if two women, Left-Hand Mini-Wave; otherwise, a Couple.
Ending formation Couple if a man and woman Slide Thru. Same sex Slide Thru – Mini Wave.
TimingSS 6, Box 4

Arms in natural dance position with skirt work optional for the women. Hands should be rejoined in the appropriate position (Couple or Hands Up handhold) for the next call.

The turn can be blended with the Pass Thru to finish with a sliding or dodging motion.

Styling Arms in natural dance position, skirt work for women is optional. Hands should be rejoined as a Couple for the next call.
Comment The Ocean Wave Rule applies to this call.
Calling/Teaching Tip Just as the dancers approach each other, they begin their turning motion. The Lady slightly turns her back and the Man slightly turns his front side as they pass. The turning motion/action of each sex is exactly the same as Star Thru no matter who you are facing at the start of the call.