Turn Thru

Starting formation Facing Dancers
Command examples

Turn Thru

Swing Thru; Turn Thru

Girls Turn Thru

Squared set: Heads Turn Thru; Separate, Around 1 To A Line

Heads Square Thru 4; Spin The Top; Turn Thru; Courtesy Turn

Dance action In one smooth motion, dancers Step To A Wave (but use forearm styling), Right Arm Turn 1/2, and Step Thru. The Ocean Wave Rule applies to this call.
Ending formation Back-To-Back Dancers
Timing4 steps from point of contact.
Styling Similar to Allemande Left. Use normal forearm position. Men's free hand in natural dance position. Woman's skirt work desirable for free hand.

The Ocean Wave Rule applies to this call.

Turn Thru is always a 180 degree turn. From an Alamo Ring, if the desired action is to get everyone to their corners, the proper call would be an Arm Turn, not a Turn Thru.