About the Tam Twirlers

The Tam Twirlers was founded in 1978. Our first caller was Glen Dickey; since his retirement, Eric Henerlau has called for us. Our students and members are of all ages (pre-teen to 80+) and include singles, couples, and families. We host 1 hoedown a year, and you’ll see our club members at hoedowns and festivals around the Bay Area and the state.

The Tam Twirlers is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Donations to the club are tax-deductible.

Our Philosophy

Before Covid, Tam Twirlers danced at the Plus level, and started classes once or twice a year for new dancers to go to the Plus level. Now we dance primarily at the SSD level and start classes several times a year.  Why the change?  Eric explains in a presentation given at Callerlab April 2024.


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